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Spotting signs and logos

You and your child can use the signs and logos you see when out about to chat and learn.

street signs

Next time you're out, encourage your child to look around.

They might notice letters and numbers on logo's and signs.

Talk about the things they notice, they might recognise some of the shop signs and logo's and be able to read what they say... this is the beginning of your child understanding the link between the written and spoken word.

While you're out your child might be able to help you search for a shop if you tell them the colour, shape or first letter of it's name or logo.

At home you will have logos on items too, like on your TV, a shopping bag, food packaging or on a toy. Encourage your child to notice and talk about them.

Streets signs can also be a learning opportunity. See if you and your child can spot a sign that has the first letter of their name in it. Read any words you see on the sign aloud to your child, so they can begin to learn the meaning.

This works with numbers too, look at house numbers and licence plates to see if you can spot your child's age.

Do this often when you take a walk, and in time your child will start to learn and remember. Make sure you praise them when they do!

Good to know

Signs and logos that are important to them are often the first words children recognise.