Spotting signs and logos

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You and your little one can use the high street to chat and learn. When you’re next out and about, encourage your child to look around.

You can use logos to talk about shops. For example, when you see the supermarket say to them: “What’s that place?” or “What can we buy there?”

You can take photos of the logos and show them to your child at home. See if they can remember them. You might have logos on items around your home, like on your TV, a shopping bag, a phone or a toy. See if they can spot the logos in other places too.

Streets signs can also be a learning opportunity. See if you and your child can spot a sign that has the first letter of their name in it. Read any words you see on the sign aloud to your child, so they can begin to learn the meaning.

Do this often when you take a walk, and in time your child will start to learn and remember. Make sure you praise them when they do!

Good to know

By pointing out the logos and signs, you help your child learn that reading and writing has a purpose.