Becoming a storyteller

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Learning how to tell stories is an important part of growing up. You can help your little one to learn this skill when you look at books together.

You can find lots of books they’ll enjoy at your local library for free. Spend some time figuring out what stories your child likes. They might like stories about their favourite animal or hobby.

Next time you’re doing story time, ask your child to choose their favourite book. This activity works best if it’s a book they know well. Children don’t mind reading their favourites over and over again – it’s all part of the fun!

Look through the book together and encourage your child to tell the story as you go. They don’t need to read the words – they can just narrate what’s going on for each page. You can help them if they get stuck. Try prompting them with questions. For example, “What happens next?” or “How will it end?”.

Looking at books this way helps your child understand stories. If will also build their confidence in telling stories, which is something they’ll have to do in school.

Good to know

This activity will help your child to become a confident reader in the future.