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We're Going on a Bear Hunt Activities

We're Going on a Bear Hunt is a great story you can act out at home.

Going on a bear hunt

We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen is a story you can use to get your children story telling, chatting and playing together in lots of different ways.

In the story a family go on a bear hunt, but first they have to pass various obstacles, long grass, a cold river, and even a dark forest. It encourages children to use their imagination as they go on a make-believe journey

When you read the story together encourage your child to join in with the chant of the rhyming parts of the book, and to act out going through the long grass, thick mud, and swirling whirling snowstorm.

Watch the author Michael Rosen perform the book

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Go on your own bear hunt:

You could go on your own bear hunt around the house or at the park, and look for a hidden teddy bear or imagine a real bear. Create your own obstacles to go through – maybe different rooms are different places.

Once they know the story, encourage your child to take the lead and describe what happens in your adventure. This gives them confidence to make up stories and lead others.

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More Bear Hunt activity ideas:

  1. Pack a bag to get ready for your adventure. Find a bag or pillow case and invite your child to help you pack for your adventure – for example, a jar of honey, pyjamas, binoculars or snacks!
  2. Grab some blankets and make a cosy reading den. Chat to your child about who they want to invite inside, while making your new hideaway!
  3. Make up your own story about your favourite teddy bear. The story can be simple, starting with the toy's name, where it lives, who its best friend is and where they are going for their day out!
  4. Can you think of any books about bears? Have a chat with your little one about their favourite and why! Maybe they have a friend called Eeyore, an appetite for marmalade sandwiches or perhaps all they want is some peace and quiet.
  5. Write or tell a one-day diary of the snow storm from the story! Think about what you would get up to, the people and places you meet, and how it feels to be scooped up into a snowman.
  6. Pretend to be a bear while playing hide and seek. You could make noises and crawl on all fours!
  7. Talk about how the children in the story are feeling. Talk about things you find scary, how they make your body feel, and what you can do if you feel scared.
  8. Go on your own bear hunt! Go on a nature walk and keep an eye out for footprints in the mud. Wear your wellies, and have a go at making your own footprints as you squelch and squerch. You could use a stick to make your own marks in the mud. Or use some paint at home to create your own footprints and animal prints.

Print out our We're Going on a Bear Hunt activity pack, supported and funded by BGL.

Good to know

Combining reading, playing and imagination will help your child be excited about books and develop their vocabulary. This will help them when they start to learn how to read.