Going on a bear hunt

Going on a bear hunt

This children's book is a story you can act out at home to get your child excited about books and playing.

Your child might already know this book, or they might be discovering it for the first time. It’s the story of a family who go on a ‘bear hunt’, but first they have to go through various obstacles.

Encourage your child to join in the chant of the rhyming part of the book, then act out going through the long grass or thick mud.

If your child enjoys this, make up your own ‘bear hunt’ around the house and look for a hidden teddy bear. Make up your own obstacles to go through – maybe different rooms are different places, or other members of your family can join in.

Once they know the story, encourage your little one to take the lead and describe what happens in your adventure. This gives them confidence to make up stories and lead a group.

Combining reading, playing and imagination will help your child be excited about books. This will help them when they start to learn how to read.

Watch the author Michael Rosen perform the book.

Good to know

Your child will develop creative thinking and language skills as they act out this story.