What's in the bag?


You can make this simple game for your child at home. It’s a good way to get them to listen, explore and start speaking.

Bring together some fun, safe objects for your child to play with. These could be some toys or household objects like kitchen spoons or pieces of clothing.

Put these into a bag that they can’t see into. A handbag or pillowcase will work fine.

Now, get your child’s attention and turn the bag around, saying: “Turn, turn, turn around, put my hand in, and what have I found?”

Put your hand in the bag and choose an object at random to pull out.

Let your child look at it and describe what you see. What colour is it? Is it big or small? Soft or hard? Does it make a sound?

Now hand the bag to your child and let them have a go. Ask them questions about the object and praise them when they talk about it.

You can also get them to guess what they might find before you pull the object out of the bag to build excitement.

Good to know

These sorts of games help your child to become a good listener which will help them socialise, learn and read as they get older.