What's in the box?

What's in the box.JPG

This is a fun guessing game that encourages your child to use their senses, particularly touch. It’s sure to get your little one chatting. Here’s how you make the game:

Put an object in a box or bag. It could be a toy or something from around your home, like a piece of clothing, food or an object. Make sure your child can’t see what it is.

Then encourage your child to put their hand in the box to feel what it is. Can they guess what’s in there? As they think about it, encourage them to describe what they can feel. Is it soft or hard? Round or square? What do they think it could be?

Then, let them pull the item out of the box. Did they guess right?

Take turns at hiding an object in the box and guessing what it is. Use lots of describing words as you guess.

Good to know

Games like this build your child’s bank of descriptive words, which they will need when telling their own stories.