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Why spend time outside with your baby or toddler?

Spending time outside with your baby or toddler has significant benefits for both of you!

parents and baby outside

Stimulating their senses

The outdoor environment is exciting for babies and toddlers. There are many things for them to see and hear when you take them outdoors that they cannot experience indoors. There will be new smells, and new things to feel, such as the wind blowing, the warmth of the sun, and maybe some rain! This all contributes to their understanding of the world around them. As you walk, chat or sing to them about what you can see, hear, and feel, to help them learn new words.

Supporting their sleep

Research has shown that spending time outdoors and being exposed to natural light can support your baby to sleep better at night. Spending time outside when they are feeling unsettled can also help to calm them as they respond to the change in their environment.

Benefits for you

All of the above, and more! If your baby is more content and sleeping better, you will feel better too. Spending time outdoors is proven to have a positive effect on mental health, it will also increase your vitamin D intake(from spending time in sunlight), can lower your blood pressure and heart rate and help you sleep better too!

Top tip:

Make sure you and your baby are dressed suitably for the weather. Layers are perfect as they can be removed and reapplied when the temperature changes. Buy second hand coats, waterproofs and wellies for fast growing babies and toddlers.