Become a spoken word poet with Manjit Sahota

Become a spoken word poet with Manjit Sahota

Learn how to bring a poem to life, turning your writing into a spoken word performance. First, you'll need a poem that you think will sound great live.

If you need inspiration to get started, check out these five video tutorials on how to write a poem from poet and rapper Paul Cree, with ideas, tips and easy-to-follow steps.

Then, once you've got your poem ready, come back to this page to watch Manjit's video, and download his guidance, where he gives you top tips and shows you how to perform.

Meet the poet: Manjit Sahota

Manjit Sahota is a Nottingham-based poet who runs the Poets Against Racism collective of performers who challenge, discuss and confront racism through unique forms of art. Manjit is a poetry, play and participation specialist.

Follow Manjit on Twitter and keep up to date with his poetry activities and activism on the Poets Against Racism Facebook page.

Watch the video: