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Challenge yourself to write non-fiction


National Writing Day was on 23= June, so to celebrate this we challenge you to write a non-fiction piece of writing.

Non-fiction writing is about real events and facts, rather than stories that have been invented.


Write a non-fiction article, choose one of the types of non-fiction writing below.


Michelle Obama.jpg

Biographies are interesting insights into someone’s life.

You could write about a famous person (past or present) or someone in your family who has had an interesting and eventful life that would make a great story.

The best biographies are well researched and use language cleverly to make the reader feel like they knew the person without ever having met them.


Write your own non-fiction Airpods review.png

Your favourite local café or your go-to band?

Or the worst or best film you’ve ever seen in your life?

Is there a fantastic park or zoo near you?

And the big question - is a Switch worth the money?

What about the best way to curl your hair?

You can review anything! Whatever place, product or performance you choose to review, make sure your writing is informative with a strong opinion to engage your readers and potentially convince them to buy, listen, watch or visit (or not!).

Speech writing:


Lots of people in the media have speech writers: royalty, politicians, celebrities.

A professional speech writer is a person who can use words cleverly to inspire or persuade the audience to do or think differently about a topic.

Have a go at writing your own speech about a subject you feel passionately about.

Your speech can be about whatever your want (and doesn’t need to contain any techniques as long as it’s meaningful and powerful!).

You can imagine yourself as world-famous celebrity, Prime Minister of the UK or campaigning on an issue important to you.

Opinion piece:

Marcus Rashford open letter.jpg

What really gets you annoyed? Or is there something you wish everyone knew about?

An opinion piece is essentially a well written rant, and a chance for you to tell the world what you think!

Get people on board about your views, use your words to change people’s minds or join in the debate around current issues by writing a long article to annoy, inspire, engage or educate readers on any topic you choose.

Essay writing:

Essay writing doesn’t have to be done at school and it doesn’t have to be about Macbeth or history.

Choose any topic that interests you. It could be the impact of technology on young people, the curriculum, history of the NHS, climate change.

Do your research and put together an article or essay to share your ideas and what you’ve learnt with readers.

Non-fiction top tips

Whichever format of non-fiction you choose to write, take note of these top tips below:

  • It may help to imagine you are writing for a student newspaper or for your local council.
  • Non-fiction should be formal and well structured.
  • Remember to use paragraphs.
  • You can use language techniques (persuasive or creative) to make it engaging but they aren’t necessary for this task.