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The benefits of virtual internships


Last year, Cameron, Alana and Melissa took part in a virtual internship with international law firm, Cleary Gottlieb.

The interns had the chance to have mock interviews and even take part in a negotiation, where they made their arguments and came to an agreement on a legal matter!

They also learnt about the career journeys of employees across the firm, and participated in employability skills sessions to learn about writing a CV and improving presentation skills.

Top five benefits of a virtual internship


You gain insight into how to start your career journey

Digital internships are valuable work experience that will help you shape your future career. Over the course of your digital internship, you will take part in tasks typical to the workplace environment, employability skills sessions and workshops. Demonstrate your passion for your chosen career path and impress future employers by adding all the experiences you gain during your internship to your CV and talking about them in a job interview. You can also apply the experience you have gained to real life situations, such as giving a presentation in school or university.

You learn valuable digital skills

A digital internship is no less impressive than an in-person one as it will show your understanding of that particular career field as well as your understanding of technology and ability to remain focused in a remote or home-based environment. These skills are all the more important following the pandemic, as remote and hybrid working has become the norm in various sectors. Employers will value these skills as well soft skills such as self-confidence and heightened communication skills.

You can do it remotely

You can take part in a digital internship from any location (as long as there’s WiFi!). Digital internships mean that where you live will not hold you back from landing the internship of your dreams. This means that internships are based on talent rather than locality.

You can practice team work and collaboration

One of the most valuable skills you can develop in work experience is the ability to work effectively in a team. Digital internships offer you the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of different people all around the country. This means you can form friendships and network with people you may never usually come across. This can help widen your perspectives on how to approach tasks presented to you in the world of work.

You can gain access to an industry that you may not have considered

Some career paths seem difficult to get into, some of the roles and language used are things that you have never heard of before, and a virtual internship is a great way to get your foot in the door of an industry that you may have thought was inaccessible.

‘It seems impossible to get even a glimpse of the corporate law world, but with this internship that has been proved wrong.’

Cleary Gottlieb Internship participant

‘The support, guidance and wisdom of everyone on this internship has given me the courage and knowledge that I: a state schooled, non-higher-class individual can attain a successful career in law.’

Cleary Gottlieb Internship participant