The benefits of virtual internships


Between 16 and 20 August 2021 young people aged 15-19 took part in a virtual internship with international law firm, Cleary Gottlieb.

The interns experienced information sessions, where they heard employees across the firm talk about their career journeys, and participated in employability skills sessions to learn about writing a CV and improving presentation skills.

There was even the chance to have a go at mock interviews and negotiations, where they made their arguments and came to an agreement on a legal matter!

Cameron, Alana and Melissa were all lucky enough to be a part of the experience.

Take a look at their thoughts on the benefits of a virtual internship below:


It's great work experience

The main advantage of partaking in a digital internship is the valuable work experience you will gain and shape your future career. Mentioning the internship’s activities and workshops during a job interview or adding them to your CV will impress your employer and demonstrate your passion for your chosen career path. You can also apply the experience you have gained to real life situations, such as giving a presentation in school/university.

You learn valuable skills

The skills you obtain from a digital internship are invaluable. The digital aspect is no less impressive than an in-person internship as it will show your proficiency with technology and ability to remain focused in a remote or home-based environment. Following the COVID-19 pandemic and as digital work becomes the norm for a number of roles, employers will these skills as well soft skills such as self-confidence and heightened communication skills.

You can do it remotely

You can take part in a digital internship from any location (as long as there’s WiFi!), which makes them more accessible and inclusive. Those who live far from London and traditionally find it difficult to reach an internship can now take part from the convenience of their own homes. This means that internships are based on talent rather than locality.

You can practice team work and collaboration

All employers look for the ability to work effectively in a team. Digital internships offer the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of different people all around the country, which allows you to form friendships and build rapport with people you may never usually come across. This can help widen your perspectives on the topics discussed.