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The Write Space workshop one - Jasmine Cooray

Jasmine Cooray

For week one of our The Write Space series, we're pleased to present a collection of videos and activities from writer, Jasmine Cooray. The films explore the idea of freewriting and an exercise based around gratitude and tuning into the present moment.

The Write Space is a six-week series of creative writing and wellbeing live events and videos. Keep an eye on the Well Ahead homepage for new The Write Space activities every week.

About Jasmine

Jasmine Cooray is a poet, arts facilitator and psychotherapist. She has designed and facilitated creative writing projects in a variety of settings, including schools, colleges, and for organisations such as The Barbican Centre, the Southbank Centre, and First Story. She weaves principles of self-care and self-exploration into her facilitation design. Jasmine runs a private psychotherapy practice and is committed to making the tools of the therapeutic realm accessible to more people.

Watch the video - part one

In this video Jasmine introduces you to freewriting.

Watch the video - part two

In this video, Jasmine shares an activity called 'right here, right now' which encourages you to tune into the present moment.

Watch the video - part three

In this video, Jasmine invites you use the environment outside your home to inspire your stories.

Feeling inspired by Jasmine's creative writing? Have a go at the activity below:

Freewrite the situation of your dreams

Whenever you need to feel calmer, take a moment and freewrite about the things you’d like to experience right now. You can be as imaginative as you like and don’t worry if the ideas seem highly unlikely or not even possible in ‘the real world’.

  • Do you want to ride a tiger through some mountains?
  • Do you want to surf on a sea of chocolate milkshake?
  • Do you want to dance on stage with Ariana Grande?

Freewrite your wildest, most free, exciting, peaceful, or meaningful dreams onto the page.

Really let yourself imagine what it might be like and put down any details about sounds, smells or visual details that you can. You'll feel amazing by getting lost in the moment!

Write a prequel or sequel

After you've watched Jasmine's third video and written your story, think about either going forward or backward in time for the ‘sequel’ or ‘prequel.'

  • What is happening three years before your story takes place, or three years from the present time?
  • How is the situation be different? You could set this story anywhere in the world, or in the same location.
  • What surprising or unexpected elements could you add to your story?

Freewrite a different point of view

  • How could your story be told from a different point of view? Would a different character, or someone/something who isn't even mentioned in the story tell it differently?
  • Don’t feel you need to limit yourself to people or animals: a lamppost on the estate watching the scene might have a version of the story, or even the clouds passing over.
  • If anything present in the scene could have a voice, which one might you choose to tell their version of events?