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Careers and Literacy, A conversation with SAMSUNG

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In conversation with Samsung employees

Samsung Electronics is a global leader in technology, transforming the world of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, digital appliances, network systems, medical devices, semiconductors and LED solutions. Hear from some of its talented people about their careers.

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Andreea Craciun

Samsung Europe Senior Marketing Manager

Andreea manages flagship launches for smartphones and wearables, across all of Samsung’s European markets.

David Garcia Pawley

Samsung Head of Category Insights - Europe

Leader of Category and Campaign insights across Samsung’s three key business areas – Mobile Experience, Visual Display and Domestic appliances.

Emily Woolliscroft

Samsung Senior European Public Relations Manager

Responsible for European Public Relations for all Samsung Mobile Experiences

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What did they do after finishing school?

Andreea :

Studied political science at university, went on to be a PR Assistant for a cosmetic company and was then headhunted by Samsung.


Studied management sciences at university, completed his placement year at Hewlett Packard in the marketing department, before having a year out and moving to Samsung.


Spent 10 years in the video game industry on various projects before she was approached for the role at Samsung.

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What challenges have they faced?

Andreea :

Overcoming imposter syndrome through changing careers and taking on new opportunities.


Overcoming having to start again after being made redundant from a company after 20 years.


Overcoming being a female in a male dominated environment and feeling equal.

What have been some career highlights?

Andreea :

Andreea’s biggest highlight has been transitioning from a local market position within Samsung to a regional position. The move has opened her up to a new set of responsibilities and skill sets.


David’s highlight of working for Samsung has been working with a diverse team of people across various European countries.


Emily’s highlights include a trip to Japan where she was fortunate enough to meet Miyamoto, the inventor of Nintendo’s Mario.

What life advice would they give to their younger selves?


Create a good work life balance to avoid burning out!


Do not be complacent!


Enjoy the journey, you don’t need to do everything now!

Samsung discussed with us their love for reading on both a professional and personal level. Andreea, David and Emily all read for their own enjoyment, for an adventure into different worlds and above all to up level up their professional skillset. Reading for pleasure is an amazing skill that will allow you to have a plethora of wonderful opportunities in the future. Whether you are an avid reader, or wish to dive into the world of reading…our booklists are always a great place to start!