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How can my literacy and digital skills help my future career?


Using technology throughout your education is important for gaining key digital skills. By practising your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills throughout your home life and school life, you are already developing key skills that are of high value to your future employer.

What do we mean by digital skills?

  • Being able to communicate effectively online.
  • Reading different information and content.
  • Being able to problem solve.
  • Being safe and legal online.

What do we mean by literacy skills?

  • Being able to read effectively.
  • Being able to write effectively.
  • Being a confident speaker.
  • Being an effective listener.
  • Being a critical thinker.

Why is having digital literacy skills important?

Future employers will be looking for how effective your digital literacy skills are. This is both your digital skills and literacy skills combined.

These skills will enable you to:

  • Navigate the modern, digital world.
  • Be an active critical thinker.
  • Engage professionally, both in person and online.

All of these skills are essential as the world becomes increasingly dependent on digital technology.

Activities to improve your digital literacy skills

How many words can you type in 1 minute? Race against the clock or even against your friends.

Test your typing.

Can you think critically?

Thinking critically in situations is a skill your employer will look for. Look at the scenarios below, what would you do? Can you justify your decision? By communicating your reason, you are working on key skills that you will need in the world of work.

Imagine you’re working a Saturday day shift at a busy clothing store. A customer asks if you have the top she is holding in a smaller size. You know that all the stock is currently out. Do you…

  1. Explain that it is not in stock in this store, but look online at other stores in the area that might?
  2. Say “if it’s not out, we don’t have it” and let the customer find something else they like?
  3. Offer to order the top in for them, take their details and offer to let them know when it has been delivered?
  4. Tell them that you saw something similar in a rival store last week and suggest that they try there.

This question is designed to test your response to a situation where you cannot help the customer immediately/. Although the item isn’t in stock, there is still potential for a sale and money spent in the store. Your employer would want you to show great customer service and keep the customers business.

If you chose answer 3, well done! This option shows critical problem-solving skills as well as excellent customer service This is just one example of many questions that you might get in a critical thinking test.