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Why is being aware of what I do online so important?


What is a digital footprint and why is it important?

Everything you do online is part of a bigger picture…think of what you do as a single drop of water in the ocean!

Once it’s out there, it’s impossible to take back. Once you post something, you may delete it but its digital footprint will always be somewhere on the server. That is why it is important to be aware of what you write and do online.

What is a digital footprint?

Digital footprints are a set of traceable digital activities, actions and communications made on a digital device.

There are two main types of digital footprint. These are:

  • Passive – You leave data behind without knowing. For example: your IP address, approximate location, browser history and social media interactions that help create an online you.
  • Active – You deliberately submit information. For example, writing a social media status, posting your pictures online and any other content you post

Thinking time…

Think about your digital footprint today… have you posted any content on any social media platform? Have you liked any TikToks? Have you shared any content with your friends? Have you commented on another’s post?

When you start to think about it, even 10 minutes worth of scrolling adds up to make a long trail of footsteps…

Can you think critically?

Take this quiz to challenge your critical thinking skills


Can you be a detective?

Investigate famous celebrity digital footprints…

  • Who are 3 famous people that you know of? Write these people down.
  • Research each person and write down any information you can find out about them online.
    • Can you find out why they are famous?
    • Where do they live?
    • Who are they associated with?
    • What are some recent things said about them?

Think about the people you have just researched. Was the content you found mainly positive or negative about this person? How do you think that person feels about their online presence? How would you feel if everybody knew this amount of information about you?

In a world that is reliant on digital technology, your future employer may look into your digital footprint, therefore it is crucial you are aware of your online presence and make it positive.