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Why is literacy important in the world of work?

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Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are fundamental to the world of work. Your future employer will be looking for examples of these in your interview.

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Employers will be asking, is this person able to read effectively? Can they write with the correct spelling and grammar? Do they present excellent listening skills? Are they a confident speaker? Above all, can they combine these skills to become an effective communicator? These are all important attributes for the world of work.

Why is literacy important for a digital career?

At the start of the pandemic, the world had no choice but to move online. Many people started working from home, many children and young adults joined school and university online and communication between friends and family turned digital. The majority of your digital skills are developed throughout your education and are transferable to the world of work.

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How can I work on my literacy skills?

Literacy is used throughout your entire day. You’re most likely unaware that you are using key skills every day that will make you of high value to the world of work.

Reading, writing, listening and having purposeful conversation daily are all easy ways you can improve your literacy skills. Below are some examples of tasks you can do each day to practise key literacy skills:

  • Read a chapter of a book each day.
  • Read the news on your phone/computer.
  • Practise writing emails to your friends and family.
  • Prepare your CV for a future job.
  • Have conversations with those around you.
  • Practise your listening skills during everyday conversations.
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Every day, you are developing a high-quality personal skill set whilst encompassing digital skills which allow you to have a variety of opportunities once you leave school. Samsung understands the importance of literacy skills and the digital world.

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