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Jude Yawson is a published writer who co-authored Stormzy's autobiography. You might be surprised to learn that at age 13, he was permanently excluded from school for poor behaviour.

Being excluded from school might make you feel like you're on the wrong track, but things can always change. In this series of videos, Jude interviews famous people who were excluded from school when they were younger. Find out how they turned things around and how you can, too.

The videos will speak to you if you've been excluded or are worried you might be, but they're a great source of hope for anyone who would like to make a change.

Bonus Episode!

Our three guests give you their best advice for if you are struggling with school or have been excluded.

Previous episodes

Episode 1

Jude chats with Nile Ranger, a footballer who has played for Newcastle United, Swindon Town, Blackpool and Southend United. Nile was excluded from school but turned things around.

Episode 2

Jude chats with MC Angel, spoken word artist, hip hop MC and author of Moments of Significance: A Memoir.

Episode 3

Jude chats with Derek Owusu, winner of the Desmond Elliott prize for his debut novel, That Reminds Me.

Upcoming episodes

19 October: Bonus episode!

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