Asking your toddler questions

Make up your own story

Asking questions encourages your baby to speak. It shows them you’re interested and paying attention to them. You can help your baby practice new words by chatting every day.

A good place to start is ‘Where’s your…?’ questions.

Try this in a calm, quiet place without too many distractions. Sit with your child in front of you so they can focus what you’re doing.

Ask “Where’s your nose?” and encourage them to point.

Join in to show them what you mean. Praise them lots when they answer correctly. “Yes, that’s right, that’s where your nose is!”

When they have the hang of this, try asking other questions like “Where’s my nose?” or “How many fingers?” or “Can you wriggle your toes?”

Start questions by saying your baby’s name. Your baby will know their own name even if they can’t say it. Questions that use their name will get their attention.

While your baby will like games like this, they’ll also just enjoy spending time with you and having all of your attention. It’s about bonding just as much as it’s about learning!

Good to know

This game will help your baby understand that they are a person and recognise their own body parts.