Make a book about Me!

make a book aobut me.jpeg

You can make your child feel like the main character in a book with this activity.

Making a book all about your toddler is a fun gift that lets them know how important they are to you.

Try to find a blank notebook, then fill it with things to do with your child. You can add photos of them, as well as friends and family.

You can find things to show what they like, what they’re good at or what they’re learning.

Write down things, draw pictures and take photos. You can keep sentences simple, like ‘I can blow bubbles’.

You can get them to help by asking them what they’d like to be inside their special book. Perhaps you can decorate the cover together.

Once you’ve finished the book, show it to them during story time when they’re feeling calm and curious. You might even encourage your little one to show it to others, like friends or family members.

You can keep adding to the book as your toddler grows up and learns new things. As well as making them feel special, it’s also a keepsake that you can look at in years to come.

Good to know

Making books together not only builds reading skills, but it makes life-long memories too.

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