Talking tube game for babies

Talking tubes.jpg

Playing with your baby doesn’t always mean using children’s toys. You can use things you have around your home. Babies like games that use their senses: sight, sound, smell and touch. This game encourages them to listen and play with sounds.

What you’ll need:

  • A cardboard tube, such as an empty toilet roll

Sit in front of your baby with the tube. Hold the tube near their left ear and whisper something to them. Try saying their name to get their attention. Can they hear you? If they can, then swap over quickly to whisper in their other ear.

You can say their name, sing a nursery rhyme or talk about what you’re doing later. It doesn’t matter what you say – your baby will just enjoy hearing your voice. See if they babble in response or turn their head to the sound of your voice.

If you can’t find a tube, you can use your hands to make a similar effect.

Good to know

This will support your baby’s hearing development and help them to understand that both ears work independently.