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Tummy time

When your baby is young, spending small amounts of time on their front is good for them.

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As your baby grows, they will start wanting to sit up or crawl. But before they do this, they need to get stronger. Tummy time helps them do this.

Find a clean, dry area on the floor. A play mat is ideal. Put some of your baby's favourite toys near them. Place your baby on their tummy for up to five minutes.

Make sure your baby doesn't sleep during tummy time, and don't leave them on their own.

See if you can do three five-minute sessions of tummy time every day. Some babies like tummy time more than others, but even if it's not your baby's favourite, it's very important.

Tummy time helps your little one build the strength they need to reach important milestones. You can introduce them to tummy time when they’re very young, even when they’re first home from hospital. Once they start crawling, you don’t need to do tummy time as much, but it’s still good for them to play on their front sometimes.

Good to know

Tummy time builds up babies' strength, which in time will help them sit up, crawl, walk and draw.