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How to make a treasure box

A home-made treasure box is an exciting toy that helps your baby explore the world around them.

All you need are objects from your home.

baby with basket

Once your baby is on the move, you may notice that they are keen to play with objects around your home which are not toys!

Making them their own treasure box containing real objects, can really get them focussed on their play.

How to make a treasure box for your baby:

  1. Find a small basket or box.
  2. Then fill it with safe objects for your baby to play with. You might include:
  • An empty bottle or cardboard box
  • A washed-out crisp packet
  • Pieces of paper
  • Spoons
  • A soft hair brush
  • A scarf or small piece of fabric

Top Tips:

  • Look for things with interesting patterns or textures.
  • Avoid sharp corners or things small enough for them to swallow.
  • Add to and change the objects as your baby gets older; you might add clothes pegs, or include some natural objects like a pine cone.
  • Sit with your baby and explore the treasure box together.
  • Talk about the things your baby picks up and describe what your baby is doing with them.
  • Don't forget to smile and respond to your baby's reactions.

Good to know

This sort of activity helps your baby learn about the world around them. You might notice them begin to use the objects in the way they have seen you using them, for example, pretending to pour a bottle.