Black and white books

Black and white books.jpg

Your baby is never too young to enjoy books. Lots of children’s books have wonderful bright colours and pictures, but did you know that babies enjoy looking at black and white picture books?

There are lots of books for babies that have black and white shapes and patterns for them to look at. You can find them in your local bookshop, library or online. You can even make your own at home by drawing shapes on pieces of paper! To your baby, black and white shapes are vivid and exciting.

If you find a black and white book, treat it like any other story time. Share it with your baby when they are happy, awake and calm. Snuggle together and show your baby the pages slowly. Give them time to really look at it. You can describe what you’re looking at: “Look, a circle!”, “Let’s follow the swirl”. Your baby will like hearing your voice as you explain the things in front of them.

Pause often to give your baby time to look and respond. If they babble or point, praise them and speak in turn. This is how babies learn about conversations.

Good to know

Looking at black and white shapes and patterns can help your baby develop their vision. This is because bold patterns are easier for them to see in black and white.