'Touch and Feel' books

touch and feel books

Touch and feel books are picture books that have different fabrics and textures inside. Your baby can listen to the story and explore the different textures at the same time.

The textures can help to tell the story, and help your baby understand it. For example, your baby will have a better understanding of 'sheep' if they see a picture of a sheep, hear you make a 'baa' sound, and feel a woolly texture.

As you read, encourage your baby to touch and feel the different textures in the book. Young babies may also want to explore the textures with their mouths.

Pause often as you read, so your baby can play.

Copy the sounds your baby makes, or make encouraging noises.

More reasons to share touch and feel books:

  • Babies will begin to understand new words as you describe the textures they feel. 
  • Interacting with books makes reading fun and teaches babies to enjoy books.
  • Touch and feel books support the development of hand-eye coordination as babies scratch or stroke textures, and open flaps.

Good to know

Touch and feel books help your baby develop their senses to understand the world around them.