'Touch and feel' books

'Touch and feel' books

Take story time to the next level by reading a 'touch and feel' book with your baby.

Touch and feel books are picture books that have fun fabrics and textures inside. Some pages might be soft and fluffy, others scratchy or shiny, and some fabrics make a noise. Your baby can follow the story and explore with the different textures.

You can find these in any bookshop, or you can ask at your local library.

Sit down for story time as usual. As you read, let your baby touch and feel the different fabrics in the book. If they don't know what to do, you can show them by doing it yourself.

Pause often so your baby can play. Copy their sounds or make encouraging noises.

Babies learn a lot using touch. It’s one of the ways they get to know the world around them. Touch and feel books support them in doing this. Because books aren’t just about reading words!

If your baby has a favourite touch and feel book, you can look at it often so they get used to enjoying the different textures.

Good to know

This helps your baby develop their senses. Those are important for understanding the world around them.