Books all about the great outdoors!


As a parent or carer, you’re in the perfect position to get your child interested in the world around them. Whether it’s your local park or a far-off rainforest, there’s lots to explore and learn about outdoors. To help you, we’ve put together this list of our favourite books all about the outdoors. You can find ideas for babies, all the way up to age 12.

Baby to 3 years old

Dolphin Baby by Nicola Davies

A baby calf swims close to his mother's side, learning all there is to know about life under the sea. Dolphin has lots to learn including making new friends, catching his first fish, whistling and saying his own name in special dolphin-sound!

Little Yellow Bee by Ginger Swift

Follow the Little Yellow Bee as he introduces your baby or toddler to his friends in the garden including snails, bunnies, ladybirds in this lift-a-flap board book.

Woodland Sounds by Sam Taplin

Little children will love hearing the woods come to life as they press the pages of this book and hear birds, rustling leaves and rippling streams.

Ages 3 to 4 years

There’s A Tiger In The Garden by Lizzie Stewart

When Grandma says she’s seen a tiger in the garden, Nora doesn’t believe her. Everyone knows that tigers live in jungles, not gardens. There’s no way there could be a tiger in the garden… could there?

Superworm by Julia Donaldson

Never fear, Superworm's here! He can fish Spider out of a well, and rescue Toad from a busy road. But who will come to Superworm's rescue, when he's captured by a wicked Wizard Lizard?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Garden Picnic by Eric Carle

This sweet story about Eric Carle's classic character eating through his favourite foods includes six fun scents to scratch and sniff on every spread for added fun!

Ages 5 to 8 years

Cyril and Pat by Emily Gravett

Cyril is the only squirrel in the park until he meets Pat, the other squirrel. Cyril and Pat have lots of adventures and fun together but it’s soon revealed Pat is actually a rat! The two friends learn that some things are more important than being the same.

Daisy and the Trouble With Nature by Kes Gray

Daisy and her class are excited when their new school nature garden is opened. But there's not very much nature in it. Luckily, she’s going camping and will find lots of nature to bring back. But the trouble with nature is that it’s really hard to control…

Slow Down by Rachel Williams

Discover 50 nature stories, paused just long enough for you to watch them unfold. Then go outside to explore and see what you find when you take the time to slow down.

Ages 9 to 12 years

The Usborne Outdoor Book by Alice James and Emily Bone

Inspiring ideas for exploring outdoors whatever the weather, including building a shelter, stargazing, marking a trail, catching crabs and listening for creatures at night.

Adventure Girls! by Nicole Duggan

This one-of-a-kind book is packed with activities and crafts for girls that encourage independence, imagination and courage.

101 Outdoor Adventures To Have Before You Grow Up by Stacy Tornio and Jack Tornio

Conquer a rock wall, go zip lining, or camp without a tent. Discover 101 activities, games and challenges to get kids in the outdoors and loving it.