Reading with animals noises

Same book, same time

Children can enjoy books at any age. Your little one won’t be reading themselves yet, but they will still enjoy the sounds, stories and games that come with books. Enjoying them together will help develop a life-long love of reading for your child.

Using animal sounds is a great way to get your child excited about story time. Next time you’re in the library or a shop, see if you can find a book about animals. If you can’t, don’t worry – you can make up your own story!

When you read about an animal, make the noise the animal makes. Dogs go ‘woof’ and tigers ‘rooooaaar’. Praise your child if they try to join in.

If you’re making up your own story, you can keep it simple. Try starting with: “On our walk today, we met a hissing snake.” Make the noise of the snake. Then do it again with a different animal. How many can you think of? Where did you go on your walk? The jungle? The seaside? Think of details that can bring the story to life.

Feel free to reread your child’s favourite books or retell stories they like. Children like to hear their favourites often.

Good to know

Babies learn through repetition because it gives them many chances to work things out. It also helps them feel secure.