Design a Euro 2020 flag

Design your own flag

During the Euro 2020 championship, we'll get to see all the countries’ flags being waved with pride. Each one has its own unique pattern and colours. Talking to your child about flags is a great way to get them to think about geography and different countries. They can discover why some places have a national animal or plant. It helps them learn about the wider world and how other people live.

It’s also a chance to use their creativity.

Ask your child to create their own Euro 2020 flag! All they need are some colouring pencils or crayons.

Ask them about the flag they’re making. What colours are they using and why? Is there an emblem they want to include?

You can take the activity further by getting them to describe the imaginary country their flag is for. It will need a name, a location, its own wildlife, money and holidays. You can help them write out a description of their made-up country.