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Homemade rattle toys

Homemade shakers are a fun way to teach your baby about different sounds. They can be made with things you have at home.

filling & emtying play

Save some plastic, card, or metal bottles, boxes and containers. Make sure they have lids that you can firmly secure.

  • Find some things to put inside. You could use pasta, rice, buttons, small stones, twigs, bottle lids, or anything small enough to fit inside.
  • Older ones will enjoy helping to put the items inside the container.
  • Secure the lid. You may want to use some PVA glue or tape to make it more secure.
  • Once your rattles are finished, have fun shaking them and listening to the different sounds. Which is their favourite? What’s inside each container?
  • Maybe you could use them to create some music as you sing some songs together.

IMPORTANT: Consider the safety of items you use. Small parts are a choking hazard to babies and young children, so ensure you supervise play at all times.

Older children:

Older children can help you with finding suitable materials to use. They might enjoy thinking of a different musical instrument they could make and planning how to make it.

Top tip:

Try using see-through bottles with water. Experiment with adding oil and food colouring, as well as some small items that float, and some that don't.

Good to know:

This game will help your baby improve their listening. It also helps children learn about different sounds.