Jack in the box

Jack in the box.jpg

This is a fun game that children love because it is full of surprises!

First, encourage your little one to hide. They could be behind a door or a piece of furniture. To make it extra fun, see if you can get a box to hide in like a proper Jack in the box.

When your little one is hiding, encourage them to stay hidden until you reveal them. Then they can shout BOO! and jump up.

There is a song to go with the game. You can sing it while you’re building up to the surprise. It goes:

Jack in the box jumps up,

Jack in the box goes flop,

Jack in the box goes round and round,

Jack in the box goes down with a plop!

Try swapping the name ‘Jack’ for your child’s name.

Good to know

Play with songs and rhymes helps your child's language skills.