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Jack in the box

Jack in the Box

This is a fun game that children love because it is full of surprises!

As you play, sing the song lyrics below. Hearing and singing rhymes and songs is really important for supporting children's language development.

First, encourage your little one to hide. They could be behind a door, a piece of furniture or under a sheet. To make it extra fun, see if you can get a box to hide in like a real Jack in the box.

When your little one is hiding, encourage them to stay hidden until you reveal them. Then they can shout BOO! and jump up.

There is a song to go with the game. You can sing it as you play.

Jack in the box lyrics:

Jack in the box jumps up,

Jack in the box goes flop,

Jack in the box goes round and round,

Jack in the box goes down with a plop!

Try swapping the name ‘Jack’ for your child’s name.

Good to know

Playing with songs and rhymes supports the development of your child's language skills, and will help them with learning to read when they are older.