Books to wind down

Looking at books can be a fun, relaxed activity to do every day with your child.

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To help create a love for books, you can build story time into your little one’s routine. Books can be useful just before bedtime. Looking at a book quietly together can let them know it’s time to wind down. Or it could be in the middle of the day – whenever you think they need some quiet time.

When this is done at the same time of day, every day, your child will get used to the routine and look forward to reading. If they learn to like books, they may feel more confident with them when they learn to read themselves.

Try to stick to your chosen routine. Missing a day or two is fine but try to keep to it most of the time.

The routines we have when we’re young can shape us for the rest of our lives. A habit of reading often will help your child learn, mature and relax. It will also prepare them for school when they will need to read more.

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Good to know

Routines give children a sense of order and helps them learn about patterns and how to know what comes next.

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