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Hide and surprise game

Hide and surprise game

This game supports your baby or child to develop their attention, memory and recall. All important skills they will need in the future when they learn to read and write.

All you need for this game is a toy or object you want to make ‘disappear’, and something to cover it with, such as a beaker or cloth.

  • Place the object in front of your baby - make sure they see it clearly
  • Then cover it up and ask: “Where did it go?”
  • Wait for them to respond
  • Uncover it, saying “Here it is!” The more dramatic you are, the more fun it will be for your baby!
  • Ask your baby to help you look for it
  • Look for it in silly places together. Is it under the chair? Up your sleeve?
  • Show them how surprised you are when you find it. (use your facial expressions and tone of voice)

Good to know

This game will build your baby’s attention span and memory. All this helps them learn to communicate.