Learning your baby's expressions

Watch during story time

It takes time to get to know your baby and understand them before they know how to speak. A lot of their sounds and expressions mean something, even if they seem random.

Story time is a good chance to get to know your baby and how they communicate. When you look at a picture book together, you can see how they react to the pictures and story. They might like a particular picture or rhyme or song in the book.

Sit together with a book in front of you. Don’t forget, story time is always a good time for a cuddle.

Watch your baby's face as they look at the pictures or you read the story. See if they respond differently to different things. Do they look interested? Bored? Excited? Can you guess what their favourite book is from how they react to it?

By watching your baby like this sometimes, you'll get better at understanding their expressions even while they're young. They’ll be learning new expressions and sounds all the time, so you can do this regularly to watch how they change and grow.

Good to know

This will help you to understand how your baby communicates and what they like and don't like.