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Learning your baby's expressions

Watch during story time

It takes time to get to know and understand your baby before they learn to speak. If you watch them carefully you will begin to notice that many of the sounds and expressions they make do have a meaning.

Story time can be a good time to get to know your baby and notice how they communicate. When you look at a book together, notice how they react to the pictures and story, as well as your own facial expressions and voice. You might notice that they like a particular picture, sound or rhyme in the book.

  • Sit together with a book in front of you (remember, story time is a great time for a cuddle).
  • Watch your baby's face as they look at the pictures or you read the story.
  • Notice if they respond differently to different pages, or the different tones you make with your voice.
  • Do they look interested? or excited? Can you see where they are looking?
  • Can you tell which is their favourite book?

Your baby will be learning new expressions and sounds all the time, so do this regularly to notice how they change as they grow.

Good to know

By watching your baby like this, you'll get better at understanding their expressions, and begin to understand how they are feeling.