Conversations with your baby

Chatting to your child

Chatting and listening to your baby often helps them bond with you and begin to understand conversation.

Try to choose at least five times in your daily routine where you can chat to your baby. Your baby will like hearing your voice and seeing your facial expressions. It doesn’t matter what you chat about.


  • Talk, listen, respond.
  • Chat to your baby about what you’re doing.
  • Pause and listen to their respond. Babbling, smiling, and looking at your face are all ways your baby will communicate with you.
  • Make their sounds or expressions back to them. This is how babies learn about conversations and how to communicate with others.
  • You can try pointing at things and naming them. If your baby points at something, say the word for it.

Good to know

Chatting regularly will help your baby learn new words which will help them to be strong communicators.