Looking at photos

Looking at photos

Taking photos and talking about them helps children pay attention to the world around them.

Looking at photos of ourselves gives us better self-awareness. Next time your child is playing, take a photo of them, then look at it together.

Try asking them questions about the photo. What are you doing in the photo? Do you look happy? What are you thinking in the photo?

Describe what you see to your child. This is a chance to build their confidence by complimenting them if they’re doing something well.

You can do this activity in reverse by getting them to take a photo of you and talking about it too.

You can pull together some of your favourite photos into a memory book that you can look at together. If you have a trip out planned, take lots of photos so you can look at them later and remember the day together. “Look, that’s the dog we saw, remember?”

You can also show them photos of loved ones and talk about them, particularly if you’ve seen them recently or will see them soon, to help explain your plans.

Good to know

This activity helps children improve their memory, self-awareness, social skills and confidence.