Looking at photos together


Looking at photos of people your baby knows gets them ready to start chatting.

Get lots of photos of people your baby knows, like friends and family members. You can get photos of pets too. You can show them printed photos, or photos on a phone or tablet.

Sit together and look at the photos. Point to people's faces and say their name. It's too soon for your baby to say them too but listening to you will get them interested. Listening to you talk helps them build language skills.

If your baby points or makes noises, encourage them by agreeing, smiling and repeating yourself.

Babies like looking at faces of people, especially people they know, so try choosing these rather than photos without people. You can say the person’s name, and something about them, like “That’s granddad and he has a dog.”

You can do this activity at home or when you’re out and about, perhaps on the bus or in a waiting room.

Good to know

Saying names often will help your baby be interested in people.