Looking at photos

Looking at photos

Looking at pictures of loved ones can help get your baby chatting away.

Sit down together and get some photos to look at. These could be printed out or on your phone. Try to choose photos of friends, family or pets – people who your baby will know.

Look at the photos together. Try not to flick through them too quickly. Give yourselves time to look and chat as you go.

Name each person you see. Try describing them to your baby. Mention their eye colour, hair colour or the clothes they’re wearing.

Encourage your child to name the person in the photo. You can tell them what you like about that person and how you know them too.

You can ask them questions about what you’re looking at. Even if they don’t answer you, it’s all good practice for looking, listening and speaking. It also reminds them about the important people in their life.

It’s not just good for learning words – looking at photos can help your baby learn to pay attention to things. All this builds concentration as they grow.

Good to know

Using different describing words builds your child’s vocabulary. They learn by listening to you talk.