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Books about outer space

Lost in space

Add a whole lot of rocket fuel to your child’s reading list with some of the best space-themed books from across the galaxy, suitable for all ages.

0 to 3-years-old

What is the Moon? by Katie Daynes

What shape is the Moon? Has anyone been to the Moon? What's the Moon made of? Curious little ones can blast off into the night sky to take a closer look in this fascinating book, with flaps to lift, simple explanations and gorgeous illustrations on every page.

Zoom to the Moon! by Pat-a-Cake

Zoom to the Moon introduces big ideas to little ones! This first book about space will delight young babies. With shiny foil to focus on and bright colour to capture and keep their attention, this book will be revisited time and time again - and also be interesting to older toddlers.

8 Little Planets by Chris Ferrie

Travel around the solar system and celebrate what makes each planet unique! From Neptune to Mercury and all the planets in between, each one is different and each one is happy to be what they are.

3 to 5-years-old

How to Be on the Moon by Vivian Schwarz

Anna and Crocodile are going on another intrepid adventure – this time, to the moon! But flying to space isn’t easy and there’s no simple matter of building a rocket. But when Anna and Crocodile set their sights on something, nothing can stand in their way. This is a story that celebrates curiosity and imagination.

The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

Once there as a boy, and one day, he found an aeroplane in his cupboard... He didn't remember leaving it in there, but he thought he'd take it out for a go right away.

Look Up! by Nathan Bryon

Rocket wants to be the greatest astronaut and the first African-American woman in space. Her older brother Jamal prefers to be looking down at his phone most of the time and not up at the stars. And when Jamal gets too into his gaming to take Rocket to the park to watch the meteor shower, what will she do? Fortunately a knock at the door provides a joyous solution...

5 to 8-years-old

Balloon to the Moon by Gill Arbuthnott (Author), Chris Nielsen (Illustrator)

Long before anyone had designed a rocket, the Montgolfier brothers were making hot air balloons. In October 1783, they became the first people to experience controlled flight, which is where this story starts…

Where's Wally? In Outer Space: Activity Book by Martin Handford

This book provides lots of out of this world activities including tangle line teasers, a space race maze, spot the differences in busy picture puzzles, colouring in and a planet hop game. There are also over 100 crazy cosmic stickers!

There’s an Alien in Your Book by Tom Fletcher

This interactive book encourages you to jiggle, bounce and turn your book upside down to find the alien in your book! With a gentle message about openness, acceptance and inclusion, this book will speak to the very youngest readers.

The Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield

Inspired by the childhood of real-life astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield, author of An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth. The Darkest Dark brings to life a bedtime story that will encourage children to dream big, think like an astronaut and embrace the unknown.

9 to 12-years-old

Exploring Space: From Galileo to the Mars Rover and Beyond by Martin Jenkins and Stephen Biesty

This accessible and wide-ranging book covers early astronomy, the history of flight, the Space Race and the day-to-day of astronauts in the International Space Station. You can even find out whether there really is a possibility of extraterrestrial life and consider where future missions might take us.

You Choose in Space by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt

The possibilities are infinite in this creative toolkit which will inspire children to make their own stories time and again. Which alien would you most like to be friends with? And what fantastically freaky food will you decide to munch for lunch?

The Extraordinary Life of Neil Armstrong by Howard Martin

On 20 July 1969 Neil Armstrong made history, his 'giant leap for mankind'. From his childhood playing with model planes to becoming one of the most famous astronauts of all time, discover the incredible story of his life in this beautifully illustrated book.