Make a name label

Write a diary

Children can have fun learning words and how to write, even before they’re writing themselves.

See if you can find a paper plate or a piece of card for your child to make their name label on. Then sit down together and write your child’s name down for them in big, eye-catching letters.

Encourage your child to now decorate the label. Bright colours, stickers, glitter and paper cut-outs will all look great. They can add a drawing of something they like or is special to them.

While you do this, you can ask your child questions about their name. Things like:

“How many letters are there?”

“What letter does your name start with?”

“What else starts with that letter?”

When the label is finished, you can show it off around the house to make them feel proud. It can be their place marker at meal times or you could stick it on their bedroom door. In time, they will learn to write their name themselves. They can write it in their books or on their toys.

Writing their name is an important skill for children as they get older, and they’ll enjoy learning how.

Good to know

A child's name is often the first thing they learn to write.