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Mars hab design activity


In February 2021 Nasa landed the Perseverance Rover on Mars, bringing us one step closer to sending humans to the red planet! This design activity will get you thinking about how humans could survive and thrive on the hostile environment of Mars.

Did you know…

A ‘hab’ is a nickname for the living quarters of astronauts. It comes from the term ‘habitat’, which as you might know is a place where creatures live. It’s a term used in the real-life plans to colonise mars, for example Nasa’s Mars Exploration Program and Elon Musk’s SpaceX project.

Design a Martian hab

You might want to research Mars and space before you start. You can use the internet, or visit your local library to find books about space.

We have a handy space book list, and you can also check out our Five facts about space.

Example a hab design .png

When designing your hab, think about:

  • What will your role on Mars be and how will you contribute?
  • What equipment will you need to survive the hostile environment?
  • How can you make your hab sustainable and eco-friendly?
  • What will you do for fun and relaxation?
  • What will your hab look like?

Start by drawing some rough sketches and ideas, then do a more technical drawing of your hab, and label the key features such as different rooms, important equipment areas, fun spaces.

You can use a ruler and a pencil so that you can be as neat and precise as possible. Take a look at the example design pictured for inspiration!

Want to take it further? Why not 3D model of your hab!

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