The memory game


This is an easy game to play at home. It encourages your child to talk, think and play.

This fun memory game will help your child communicate and solve problems. The video below will show you how. Scroll down for more information.

Good to know

This game helps to build concentration and memory, which are important for when they start at school.

First, gather some of your child’s favourite toys, books and objects. They can help you with this. Put them together and talk about what’s there.

Next, ask your child to close their eyes and turn around. Remove some of the items. Then get them to open their eyes and see if they can list what’s missing.

You can play this game the other way around, with your child removing the items and testing your memory.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t remember everything – as long as you’re having fun together! This activity will encourage them to pay attention to what they see.

There are other ways to play the memory game. While you’re out for a walk, see if they can list their favourite toys, what they had for breakfast or three books they have back home. Anything they do or use regularly will work.