Milestones by six months

Reading books with your child

Milestones at three months old

By three months, your baby will have reached some exciting milestones. She will be making cooing noises, smiling, and even copying how your facial expressions sometimes.

Babies like to look at faces and hear voices, so try to look at your baby when you speak to her. She will try to copy your sounds and expressions. When she does this, make the noise or expression back. This is how babies learn to communicate.

At this age, see if:

  • Your baby looks at you when you speak.
  • Your baby looks at your face when you speak.
  • Your baby coos or gurgles to themselves.
  • Your baby smiles or has different cries for how she feels.

By six months, your baby will be growing more curious about the world around them. They will try to copy you with babbles, facial expressions and movements. It’s good to listen and respond to them at this age as they learn to communicate.

Milestones at six months old

By six months your baby will love spending time with you and hearing your voice. Being face-to-face with your baby helps them learn about expressions. This is also a great age to play games like peek-a-boo or sing songs to your baby.

At this age, see if:

  • Your baby laughs when they play.
  • Your baby makes sounds when somebody speaks to them.
  • Your baby makes different noises to show different feelings, like when they are happy, excited, hungry or tired.
  • Your baby smiles when someone smiles at them.


All babies are different, and your baby will develop in his own way. If you are worried about how your baby is getting on, speak to your Health Visitor or Children’s Centre. They may suggest a hearing test or a visit to your GP.