Milly Cow activities

Milly Cow

These fun activities inspired by the book Milly Cow Gives Milk, are a great way to develop your child's creativity. Encourage your child to discuss the food they eat and where it comes from using these free resources.

Download the Milly Cow activities

Have a go at these fun activities with your child to help them explore how milk makes it to our kitchens.

Milly Cow odd one out

Spot the foods that are made from milk and the animals that make it in this fun activity!

Milly Cow ice cream recipe

Make your very own ice cream with this delicious recipe!

Milly Cow spot the difference

See if you can spot 10 differences in this spot the difference activity.

Milly Cow homemade butter recipe

Make your very own fresh butter with this easy recipe.

Milly Cow word unscramble activity

These words are all muddled up! Can you have a go at unscrambling them?

Milly Cow drawing and colouring activity

Design your own cow using this Milly Cow outline.

About Milly Cow Gives Milk

A child follows a day in the life of Milly the cow, as she munches grass with her friends, drinks gallons of water, makes cow pats in the field, and visits the milking parlour with her farmer. See how Milly’s milk is made into different foods.

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