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Not Now Bernard activities

Not Now Bernard

Watch Not Now, Bernard by David McKee with your child and then have a go at drawing your own monster.

In this story a little boy called Bernard tries to warn his parents about a monster in the garden – but they’re too busy to listen so the monster eats him up! Talk to your child about how being ignored would have made Bernard feel.

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Draw your own monster

You can download a monster drawing sheet below or just grab a piece of paper and pen or pencil. Chat to your child about what they think a monster might look like. They can even give their monster a name!

Download the drawing sheet.

Get a free David McKee picture book

David McKee has written and illustrated over 50 picture books including Not Now, Bernard and the Elmer series. Read Charlotte’s Piggy Bank to find out what happens when a little girl gets a new present from her aunt which turns out to be very special. You can download the book below for free.

Download the book: Charlotte's Piggy Bank.