Playing copy-cat

playing copy cat

Communicating with your baby isn’t just about speaking. Babies use their faces to communicate too.

A short game of copy-cat can help you bond with your baby while having fun.

Sit opposite your baby. They might be on your lap, in a high-chair or on a play mat. Wait for them to make a facial expression, then copy them.

This might be a smile, a frown, sticking your tongue out, scrunching your face.

You can also copy their noises or movements too.

Once you’ve copied them, you might find your baby is keen to copy you again – so the game goes round and round!

See how they react to you copying them. Give them time to think and maybe do a different face. If they copy you, keep going, because this means they’re learning and having fun.

Watching and responding to others is how we learn to have conversations. Games like this will help prepare your little one to speak as they grow older. It’s important to let your baby respond in their own time while they think about responding to you.

Good to know

Communicating with your face or body is a very important part of building relationships and learning language.