Playing on the floor

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Playing is an important part of your baby getting stronger and more coordinated.

Babies enjoy crawling, rolling and wriggling around on the floor. It’s part of how they express themselves and play. Why not join in to encourage them?

If you can, get down on the floor with your baby. Have fun together practising crawling, rolling, wriggling about.

Talk about what you’re doing while you play. Things like “Look at me stretch” or “Wow, you did a roll!” help your baby learn new words as they play.

You can also let your child take the lead. Copy their movements and see if you can make them laugh.

Being on the floor also lets you play with their toys with them. Ask them to show you their favourites and how they work.

If you can’t get on the floor with your little one, don’t worry – you can still have fun copying some of the things they do while you’re standing or seated in a chair.

Good to know

Did you know, crawling and moving around will help with your child’s handwriting because it builds up the muscles that help with things like sitting or holding a pencil.