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Playing at Routines

Playing at routines

You can play this game with your child to help reinforce their own daily routine. It will support them to understand and use some of the language you use to talk about different times of the day too.

Playing bath time is an activity they will particularly enjoy. Give your child a bowl of warm, bubbly water, a flannel or sponge, and a doll or toy that can go in water. Now you can give the doll a bath together. Let your child wash and dry it.

Chat together, and to the doll as you play. Pause and ask encouraging questions, Shall we sing baby a song? What’s next? Encourage them to take the lead.

They may want to read a story or put the toy to bed, just like they do at bed time.

This will help them remember and understand their own routine.

You can play this game for doll’s meal times, getting dressed in the morning or getting ready to go out to the park or nursery.

Good to know

Children love to role play about familiar people and experiences, it helps them make sense of their world.