Teddy's day out

Teddy's day out

Try making up a story about your child’s favourite toy together.

This story activity doesn’t involve any books – it encourages your child to make up their own story. Choose one of their favourite toys together, like a teddy or a doll. Make it the main character of the story.

If you’re stuck for a story idea, try making up a train journey.

How to make up a story

Start with the toy’s name and where it lives. Then go on to fill in the blanks:

  • I am a...
  • I live in a...
  • My best friend is...
  • My train is taking me…
  • I’m travelling with…
  • On the way we saw…

Make up your own prompts as you go. It doesn’t matter how silly the story is.

You can do this sitting quietly together or make it an adventure you can act out around your home, with different places in your home being different stations.

You might find your little one bases their stories on their favourite books or TV shows. Making up stories helps your child learn to speak and use their imagination. They’ll be asked to do it when they’re older and go to school.

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Good to know

Making up stories helps nurture children’s creativity and imagination and helps them explore topics or feelings in a safe way.

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