Read and explore Hello Friend

Hello Friend

Hello Friend! by Rebecca Cobb

Hello Friend! tells the story of a big-hearted and enthusiastic little girl who is insistent on making friends with a little boy. But while he doesn't seem keen on many of the things that she loves to do, like sharing a sandwich or playing outside, there is one thing he's very keen on after all... being friends.

Watch the story

Talking about the story with your child

As you are reading the story together, encourage your child to look carefully at the pictures that go along with the words. Ask them questions such as, “what do the pictures tell us about how the characters are feeling?” “Do the little boy and little girl feel differently about the activities and how do we know?”

Talk about how we know the boy really does want to be friends at the end of the story.

Discuss how we can like different things to our friends but still have things in common and get on well together.

Suggest different ways that we can build friendships with other people. Go through the ideas in the book, such as sharing, taking turns and being helpful.

After you have finished the story, try these friendship-themed activities together:

Talk about your friends and family

Talk about people that you like to spend time with. How do you feel when you are around them? What do you like to do together?

Draw a friend

Draw a picture of your friend and describe what you have drawn. Remember to add special features, such as a big smiley face because they are friendly.

Get baking

Make your own friendship cookies to share with a friend by following this recipe.

Song and rhymes

Sing these songs about friendship; Let’s Be Friends, The More We Get Together and Girls and Boys, Come Out to Play.

More books about friendship

Try reading some more books from the making friends booklist.

Join in with Emma

Try this speech bubble activity with Emma and think about what the characters might be saying in different parts of the story.

For older children

Listen to the author of the book, Rebecca Cobb, talk about her book and draw along with her in this video.