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Read and explore Meg on the Moon

Meg on the Moon

Meg on the Moon tells the story of Meg and her faithful cat Mog. It’s Mog’s birthday and as a birthday treat, he would like to go to the moon! Meg helps out by casting a spell for a spaceship. Join them on their adventure and see who they meet along the way.

Watch the story

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  • As you are reading the story together, encourage your child to join in with the countdown from 10 to lift off.
  • Ask questions about what they think might happen next. For example, “how could they get into space?” “Who might the footprints belong to?”
  • Pretend that you are with Meg and Mog in their spaceship. Hold on tight as it takes off, flies to the moon and lands in a crater. You could add sound effects and actions.

Space play!

  • Space picture: Look at the page in the book where Meg and Mog are flying in the spaceship to the moon. Create your own splatter stars picture by carefully flicking a brush dipped in paint onto some dark paper.
  • Footprint fun: Go outside and make some footprints like the footprints on the moon. You can try this in the mud, some sand or even by walking through a puddle and looking at the marks that your feet make. Talk about the shape and size of the different footprints you have made.
  • Spacewalk: Pretend that you are in space and walk like you’re on the moon by lifting your legs and arms slowly. See how high you can jump like the astronauts in the story.
  • Trip to the moon: Look up at the moon one evening and talk about what you would do if you went on your very own adventure.
  • Song and rhymes: Sing these rhymes about space and space travel: Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

For older children

Look back at the part of the story where Meg makes a spell. Invent your own potion and make a list of the ingredients you need. Decide what your new spell will do.