Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Zoom Zoom Zoom

This is a great nursery rhyme which can be told as a song or a story. You can act it out with your child by putting movements to the words.

You can start by having your child on your knee.

Bounce them in time to the rhyme, and then act like they’re the rocket and lift them up at ‘blast off!’

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom lyrics

Zoom, zoom, zoom,

We are going to the moon.

Zoom, zoom, zoom,

I hope we get there soon.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Blast off!

Using this rhyme with your child

In time, your child will learn to do some of the words or actions themselves. This song also helps them learn to count down – they’ll enjoy the anticipation. To make more of this, try pausing before you ‘blast off,’ and see if your little one gets excited to be lifted up.

When they’re older, they might be able to do the rhyme with a toy or doll and do the actions where they lift their toy up.

Watch the video

Take a look at this video featuring Literacy Champions volunteers in our Read on Nottingham Hub singing the song. Why not try it for yourself at home?

Good to know

Nursery rhymes introduce the idea of a beginning and end which children will start to use once they tell stories.