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Read and explore We're Going on a Lion Hunt


We’re Going on a Lion Hunt tells the story of two sisters out looking for a lion that lives on the African savanna. The girls go through swishy swashy long grass, a splishy splashy lake, and a big dark cave. When they finally meet their lion, they have to run, run, run through it all again to get back home.

Below, you can watch Kelsey from the Handprint Theatre Trust reading the story in British Sign Language, with a voiceover by Marian Hoddy.

We're Going on a Lion Hunt

Ways to explore the story with your child

  • As you are reading or watching the story together, encourage your child to join in with the repeated phrases, including “We’re going on a lion hunt, we’re going to catch a big one…”
  • Add in some actions to show how the characters are moving in the story, for example moving your hands from side to side when you read ‘”swish, swash”.
  • Learn some of the British Sign language that is shown in the video, for example the signs for ‘lion’ and ‘cave’.

Watch the video

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Lion hunt play!

After you have finished the story, try these lion hunt-themed activities together:

  • Make some binoculars: create some binoculars to help you spy on animals and other things outside. You can do this by using two kitchen roll tubes joined together with tape. Your child might enjoy decorating them too.
  • Pack a backpack: talk about the things you would need to go on a lion hunt. You could make suggestions by saying the first sound of an object and giving your child clues to work out what you mean, for example “I’m thinking of something starting with a ‘w’ and you drink it.”
  • Playdough play: use playdough as you retell the story. Use your fingers and hands to make marks in the playdough, showing the different movements in the story, for example “swish, swash” (thumb pressed side to side), “splish, splash” (pinching), “squish, squelch” (squeezing) and “tip toe” (walking fingers along the dough).
  • Songs and rhymes: sing these rhymes about the animals in the story: Down in the Jungle and The Animal Fair.

Go on a Lion hunt: take your bag and the binoculars and go on your very own lion hunt! Try going over, under, around and through different obstacles as you go on your adventure.

For older children

Make up a new version of the story. Instead of a lion, it could be a squirrel, a penguin or even a dinosaur!