Reading in the autumn

Autumn leaves

It’s important to chat with your child all year round, but a new season brings a lot of chances to have more chats and laughs. This will improve your child’s speaking and listening. Here are our top tips for autumn:

Get outdoors.

Autumn is a great time for your child to enjoy some fresh air and play outdoors. Encourage your child to use their voice by talking, shouting, and singing while playing outside.

Chat on the move.

It’s important to speak to your child when you’re out and about – this could be on the bus, in the car or walking. In autumn, there are plenty of things to point out and talk about. Ask them to spot the different colour leaves they see on the trees or on the ground or to tell you about the different woodland animals.

Say what you see.

Autumn brings lots of exciting things to look at. You can use this to encourage children to describe what they see. If you’re going to a fireworks display, ask your child questions about it afterwards, like: “What was your favourite firework? What colour was it? What was the sound like? Why did you like it?”

Get creative.

Improve your young child’s ability to follow instructions by asking them to go outside and pick a certain colour leaf (like orange, yellow, brown or green) for an art project. You could then glue them to a large sheet of paper, adding glitter and pictures of woodland animals.

Bedtime reading.

As it begins to get darker earlier, send your little ones off to sleep by reading before bedtime. Sharing your child’s favourite story over and over builds their memory and you’ll soon find they’ll be telling you the story!